New Homes

Our team will be on site, work hard, work fast, accurate and efficient and out as soon as possible to help you maximise time spent on every build.

We understand how important it is for your business and your bottom line to build houses as quickly as possible, which means there's no time for unnecessary disruptions and delays. Our team will complete the laying and backfilling, to an exceptionally high standard, in as short a time as possible. We'll also leave the site clean and tidy when we go. It's our goal to make sure there's minimal disruption to other trades working on-site and help you increase efficiencies and minimise build time. We supply all the required materials for each job just to make working with us even easier for you.

Here at DrainPro we are proud to partner with some of New Zealand's leading residential building companies and private clients, providing well-organised, reliable and cost-effective drain laying services.

Our residential new build services

Our residential new build services
  • Sewer drainage - Waste water from toilets, showers, sinks will go to a council lateral where they are available or septic tank in rural areas

  • Stormwater drainage - Stormwater from the roof and driveways will usually go to a soakpit, council lateral or storage tank

  • Soakpits - A hole filled with boulders and wrapped with filter cloth the stormwater is discharged into

  • Sumps - A method of catching surface water and removing silt and debris from it before it enters the stormwater system

  • Cartage of spoil - Removal of all left of soil from site, on house drains there can be 1 - 2 truck loads, on tank installs there can be up to 2 truck and trailer loads

  • Percolation testing and reports - For disposal of stormwater to a soakpit you will require a site specific soil test and design completed for submission to the local Council

  • Sewer pump stations - These are required in situations where the gravity sewer line is lower than the Council gravity main or you need to connect to a Council pressure main