Here to help you take the guess work out of choosing the right tank for the job

The DrainPro team have got all your tank needs covered from start to finish. There are quite a few key things to consider when it comes to choosing and installing a tank. We will make sure you're armed with the right knowledge and advice to make sure you get the right tank set up for your site.

Our skilled team will meet with you for a consultation and to help with the design of your site. Once we've found the right solution, we'll then supply and install your specific tank requirements. Along the way we'll organise the logistics and provide you with the necessary documentation to ensure the job runs as smoothly as possible.

We deal in three distinct types of tanks

Septic Tanks and/or Aerated Treatment Plant Depending on your requirements, we will prepare a site specific design for submission to your local Council for either a Septic Tank for primary treatment or an Aerated Treatment Plant for secondary level treatment.

Sewer Pump Stations For use in situations where you need to pump your sewer up hill or connect onto a Council pressure main, we are Christchurch City Council approved installers.

Water tanks We can supply and install above and below ground plastic and concrete water tanks for retention or detention

Our tank services include:

Our tank services include:
  • Gravity systems
  • Pumped systems
  • Pumped systems
  • Sand trenches
  • Buried concrete tanks
  • Above ground plastic tanks
  • Advanced treatment systems
  • Drip lines

When do you install a tank?

Septic Tanks/Treatment Plants/Water Tanks ideally before the foundations to allow us the best access or after the drains are done if access is not an issue.

Where do you get the tanks?

DrainPro can source the tanks required for your project - concrete or otherwise. Although, in most instances this is prescribed and designed by the architect and sourced by the builders.

Best practice when it comes to tanks

Engage with us early in the design stage of your house so we can advise you on what your options are, we will do a site specific design for you for submission to your local Council and provide a fixed price quote. By being involved early in the process we can provide the most cost effective design and installation options and avoid any pitfalls further down the line.


The paperwork part of building a house is always a headache, but with DrainPro, you don't have to worry about that. On the front end we provide a full waste water design service for you to submit to your local Council for your building consent. Once we have done the install we provide all the necessary compliance documentation and user manuals.